Regenerative thermal oxidation

Our regenerative thermal oxidation efficiently achieves the highest heat exchange even with low concentrations of pollutants since the operation is autothermal i.e., heating energy is not required. The modular design enables a wide range of possible applications.

The focus is on sustainability, a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and measurable cost savings.

Operating principle

RTO-ENVITHERM is a thermal flue gas cleaning system with integrated regenerative heat recovery. The system essentially consists of chambers with heat storage ceramic material, a damper system and a combustion chamber.

The flue gas to be cleaned is moved through to the flue gas cleaning system by the process air fan. In the system, it first flows through one of the heat exchanger reactors and absorbs heat from the ceramic storage mass. In the combustion chamber, the pollutants are destroyed by oxidation. The purified flue gas then flows through a second heat exchanger chamber and releases heat to the ceramic storage mass. By cyclically switching the flow direction, energy recovery of 96 - 97 % is achieved, combined with highly efficient flue gas cleaning of >99.5 %.

As soon as the concentration in the raw gas exceeds a minimum value, the system switches to autothermal operation. This means that the burner turns off and the temperature in the combustion chamber is only maintained by the oxidation of the pollutants. In this state, the system does not require any additional fuel.

In addition, 3 heat exchanger reactors are provided to keep residual emissions at a particularly low level. While 2 chambers are in cleaning mode, the 3rd chamber is purged with clean gas. This means that there are practically no emission peaks when the chambers are switched and a high level of flue gas cleaning efficiency is constantly achieved.

In order to avoid the slightest leakage of the damper system of the RTO, the poppet valves are equipped with a sealing air device. The sealing air is blown between the two damper plates of the poppet valves, sealing them completely.

Industry solutions 

Our highly efficient RTO exhaust air purification system is used wherever high exhaust air volume flows occur with low or highly variable pollutant concentrations.

This occurs in the following industries:

  • Surface finishing
    • Painting
    • Coating
    • Printing
  • Chemical industry
    • VOC disposal
    • PSA production
    • PE
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Brick industry
  • Waste treatment
  • Plastics processing
  • Fabric coating

Technical data

Large exhaust gas volume range 

3.000-200.000 Nm³/h

High heat recovery 

> 97 %

Temperature difference between inlet and outlet                       

< 40°C

Outstanding cleaning efficiency

> 99,7 % VOC and odour

Autothermal operation without additional fuel

VOC-> ca.1,5- 2g/Nm³)

Pollutant load (0 – 25% UEG)

0 – ca. 10g/m³

Compact due to efficient design (3/5-chamber configuration)

Separate chambers for easy visual inspection

Individually configured and designed

Ceramic honeycomb body as heat exchanger material


  • Secondary heat recovery
  • Hot bypass
  • Heat recovery in the hot bypass above the autothermal point
  • Utilization of the pre-pressure
  • Redundant equipment


  • Suitable for most areas of application, as it can be optimally adapted to customer or production-specific requirements
  • Suitable for high volume flows with widely varying pollutant concentrations
  • The robust design ensures a very long lifetime
  • Internal insulation reduces thermal stress on the steel material

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