Metal print: Industry outline

The metal printing industry includes companies and technologies that specialize in printing images, patterns, text and other designs on metal. It plays an important role in various industries, such as advertising, packaging, industrial, jewellery and art. To ensure compliance with the strictest emission and odour limits, the industry requires environmental solutions.

Metal print:

Envirotec industry solution

 Envirotec is a leading supplier of high-performance purification systems for painting and coating processes in the metal industry where solvents are used. The painting and coating processes are usually based on solvent-based paints or coatings. For exhaust air purification in the downstream drying processes, incineration plants are used, among other things, whereby the thermal energy from the purified exhaust air is used to heat the drying plants. By integrating exhaust air purification directly into the process, the system can be operated much more economically and sustainably than with conventional "end-of-pipe" solutions. This ensures optimum utilization of the energy used.

Benefit from our many years of experience with industrial processes and design your tailor-made concept with us - from the initial engineering study to the implementation of your system, we offer innovative solutions.

Typical pollutants

When the surface coating/paint dries, mainly aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons are released, which are then cleaned in the integrated post-combustion system.

Typical technical challenges

The systems are directly integrated into the painting or coating systems so that the thermal energy can be fed directly back into the process. The systems must be suitable for additional heat extraction so that the drying system can be preheated quickly. Due to the direct integration and the legal requirements, the exhaust air purification system must have a high level of availability, as otherwise continuous production cannot be guaranteed.

Typical solutions

The following system concepts are available to meet these high process-related requirements:

  • For paint booths with high exhaust air volumes and low pollutant concentrations, adsorption wheels are used in conjunction with recuperative (TNV) or regenerative exhaust air purification (RTO).
  • Recuperative exhaust air purification systems with a hot bypass are used for direct integration into the drying process and for heating the drying system.

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