Printing & Coating: Industry outline 

The printing and coating industry can be found as a supplier in the packaging, flooring, decorative paper, wallpaper and textile coating and drying sectors. The printing processes include a range of techniques for transferring image information from plates, screens or computer files to other media such as plastic, paper, textiles, metal or wood. For this process a wide range of solvent based paints and coatings are used. The printing and coatings industry faces the challenge of implementing more sustainable practices in all sectors to minimize negative environmental impacts.

Printing & Coating: 

Envirotec industry solution

Envirotec is a leading supplier of high-performance exhaust air purification systems for all types of surface technology, i.e. the printing industry as well as metal and aluminium coating. Our extensive range of state-of-the-art products for exhaust air purification ensures compliance with the strictest emission and odour limits. We offer thermal-regenerative, thermal and catalytic exhaust air purification systems as well as special systems for solvent recovery and distillation.

Benefit from our many years of experience with industrial processes and design your tailor-made concept with us - from the initial engineering study to the implementation of your system, we offer innovative solutions.

Typical pollutants

When the surface coating dries, mainly aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, plasticizers or odorous substances are released, which then have to be cleaned in the integrated post-combustion plant.

Typical technical challenges

In order to make the exhaust air purification process as economical and sustainable as possible, the thermal energy should be fed directly back into the drying process.

This often involves the extraction of energy via a hot bypass.

The processes are often characterized by rapid changes in volume and exhaust air concentration, which must be taken into account when designing the exhaust air treatment system.

In many cases, dust or condensable pollutants such as plasticizers must also be taken into account.

Typical solutions

The following system concepts are available to meet these high process-related requirements:

  • Depending on the exhaust air volume, secondary energy requirement and pollutant concentration, recuperative - (TNV) or regenerative exhaust air purification (RTO), if necessary with an adsorption system to raise the solvent concentration to reduce the primary energy requirement.
  • Heat recovery with warm/hot water, thermal oil or steam
  • Raw gas preheating to avoid condensate formation
  • Reduction of gas consumption through flameless operation
  • Good accessibility and cleaning options

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