Combustion chamber

Combustion chamber

Each combustion chamber is customized specifically for your incineration process. It is the optimum solution for complex exhaust air flows and difficult installation conditions. We develop a tailor-made solution for optimum process integration and maximum energy efficiency. Performance and design can be individually adapted to your requirements. The design of the internal insulation or brick lining can be used appropriately for the application to protect the reactor for high temperature impact or corrosion.

Operating principle

The EVR-S thermal oxidizer is designed to oxidize organic compounds in waste gases and liquids. Each combustion chamber is individually designed for the corresponding process. The cleaning principle of the system is based on the oxidation of organic exhaust gas components. This converts the hydrocarbons present in the flue gas and waste water into water and carbon dioxide. Depending on the pollutants, the system is optimized for the appropriate temperature range and can be combined with additional systems such as DeNOx systems, filters, scrubbers and energy recovery systems. The exhaust air can either be forced through the system or drawn in as required.

Industry solutions

The performance and design of this system can be individually adapted to the requirements. This is taken into account in the following industrial sectors:

  • Chemical industry - Maleic anhydride (MA, MSA) production
  • Phthalic anhydride (PA, PSA) production
  • Acrylic acid production
  • Incineration of organic liquid waste
  • Isocyanate production
  • Production of aromatic amines
  • Isophorone production
  • Bitumen production
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Production of insulating materials

Technical data

Exhaust air volume                                       100 bis 300.000 Nm³/h
Operating temperature 800 – 1150°C

Pollutant concentration VOC (0- >25% UEG)         

0 – >10 g/Nm³

Can be combined with other cleaning processes such as SCR, SNCR, DeSOx, filtration, scrubber, energy recovery, pre-heating.


  • Wide range of applications that can be optimally adapted to customer or production-specific requirements
  • Harmful emissions (formaldehyde, VOC, NOx and CO) are minimized
  • A wide range of fuels can be used, including fossil fuels such as natural gas or liquid gas
  • Alternative fuels such as oil or liquid gas are possible
  • By optimizing the combustion processes, our modern combustion chamber systems achieve a high level of efficiency, which means that they can convert a large proportion of the energy supplied into usable energy
  • Potential for heat recovery with water, thermal oil, steam or air
  • Low space requirement due to the compact design and comparatively low weight
  • Easy accessibility and therefore good cleaning options
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Robust design enables a very long service life
  • If required, the design of the internal insulation and the brick lining can be adapted to the specific requirements
  • The system can be installed inside/outside, horizontally/vertically, on a foundation/steel structure or on a roof

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