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ENVIROTEC - Your Partner

We can help you with the clean up of gaseous emissions. Our clients choose ENVIROTEC because of our many years´ experience in the business of Incinerator and waste gas treatment, first-class engineering design and project management - in Europe and world-wide.


Focus China

Again ENVIROTEC has successfully commissioned a new Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) in China. The project value exceeds 1.6 million Euros.

The new unit consists of different parts. Polluted air from foil printing passes an adsorption wheel cleaning over 140.000 Nm³/h. The remaining 14.000 Nm³/h now have a concentration of 6-7 g/Nm³ and are cleaned in an ENVIROTEC-RTO.

With 20 mg/Nm³ for total carbon and 50 mg/Nm³ for carbon monoxide as well as nitrous gases (NOx) ENVIROTEC lies well below German emission standards.

To accommodate for future increased production ENVIROTEC has designed the RTO to treat a maximum of 25.000 Nm³/h. With less than 8 months between order placement and successful commissioning delivery time was very short.

Including this one ENVIROTEC has already delivered over 50 exhaust air treatment units to China.