In order to keep your system in trouble-free continuous operation, our service department supports you with maintenance programs and the fast supply of spare parts.

Many of our systems have been in operation for over 20 years.


Case studies, field studies

We are happy to accompany you from the start and create process engineering concepts and feasibility studies as a separate service. We investigate on the technical possibilities and select the solution proposals that suits you best.


Preventive maintenance increases life expectancy and improves system availability. We carry out the maintenance of our systems but also of third-party systems with our own technical team.

On request or regularly via a maintenance contract our experienced technicians will visit you to keep your system in perfect condition.


We design our systems to last forever, but wear and tear is inevitable. If repairs are necessary, we are on the spot with spare parts as quickly as possible in order to avoid production interruptions. Of course, this also applies to third-party systems.

Spare parts

We provide spare parts as quickly as possible. Use contact to send your request for your spare parts. In very urgent cases, please call:

In very urgent cases, please call: +49 6055 8809-26.


Upgrading or retrofitting. There are many reasons for a revamp:

  • Change of input materials or products
  • Expansion of the production facility
  • New limit values
  • Upgrade of the control technology

Working with you, we will determine the new requirements and design a suitable concept – also for third-party systems.


If the replacement of the system is unavoidable, we will check the current requirements with you and replace the system or components (including third-party systems) ensuring trouble-free operation for many years to come.


In the event that requirements change, additional components can make sense. Additional flaps, extra heat recovery, additional measuring points or upstream dust separation? We can integrate further components into your existing system.

Remote Control

Upon request, we can set up the option of observing your system from a distance and should any malfunctions occur, we can access the system immediately. As a consequence, issues can be identified more quickly and suitable measures can be taken.