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We offer the right solution for every scenario

We offer tailormade solutions to purify air or exhaust gas in a sustainable manner with our RTO, TIU and CIU systems removing different air pollutants and exhaust gas. For special tasks, our systems can be combined with further components in order to enable trouble-free continuous use even in challenging operating situations.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Our RTO is characterized by the highest heat exchanger efficiency. Even small concentrations of pollutants ensure autothermal operation with – so no additional heating energy is required. Its modular design suits a wide range of applications.

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Thermal Incinerator Unit - Recuperative Compact-TIU

Its compact design enables flexible integration into the production process and efficient use of energy by returning it to the production process. The integrated tube bundle heat exchanger ensures optimum energy utilization.

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Combustion Chamber

Every combustion chamber is individually adapted to each client’s operation and process needs. It is the solution for complex exhaust air flows and challenging installation requirements. Envirotec designs the solution for optimal process integration and maximum energy efficiency.

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Catalytic Incinerator Unit

By using catalysts, the pollutants are oxidized at lower temperatures, making the process particularly energy efficient. If your exhaust air is suitable for this method, Envirotec can offer you a variety of potential solutions.

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Typical oxidation routes do not work for NOx containing exhaust gas. Envirotec therefore offers its clients a solution using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) or non- catalytic procedures (SNCR) for you.

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System Solutions

Drawing on our wealth of experience, we consider systems holistically.

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Energy Recovery

ENVIROTEC offers heat recovery units for all systems which optimize energy usage. These measures make an active contribution to conserving resources and reducing CO2 emissions.
The energy can be provided in the form of thermal oil, water, steam or air.

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